Jason Lavallée remains perfect in Pro Champ Circuit Pro Tour at Cornwall Motor Speedway

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, February 1, 2015 – Martin Bélanger – The Circuit Pro Tour was back at it today for their final day of activities at Cornwall Motor Speedway. Again, a total of 17 different categories were in action throughout the day.

The final event of the weekend was the Pro Champ 10-lap feature as Jason Lavallée had a great start and was never challenged during the event as he got a perfect weekend winning all 3 features and qualifying events. Lavallée also collected the Triple Crown for his dominance collecting an extra $1,000 paycheck!

The biggest field of the day with 9 competitors took the green in the Single Cylinder Modified 4-lap event as Doug Zadow taking the win.

Cole McMichael won a second feature this afternoon has he won the Semi Pro Formula 500 feature.

The Semi-Pro Champ feature saw Steven Marquis dominate the 5-lap event in front of Cody Weatherdon

Jean-Francois Moffet took the VTT Open feature over Jonathan Jans but he had to resist a few charges from the second place runner. In the 0-450cc, history repeated for Moffet has Jans gave him for his money in this event with Moffet winning both features.

The Junior 340, 13-16, saw Doug Dingman winning the event as Danick Lambert ran out of time to catch Dingman. The Oberparleiter brothers ran the 10-13 feature with older brother Alex having the best over Matthew.

Sabrina Blanchet had a great start in the Combo feature as she dominated the event. A great comeback for her as she had an accident earlier in the day.

The battle continued between Donald Desourdy and Doug Zadow, Desourdy had the best over his great competitor in the Single Cylinder Master Division feature.

Cole McMichael took the the lead in the Pro-Formula 500, McMichael had a strong showing and wins over Ryan Florent.

The 8-lap Outlaw feature saw good battle until Tim Hibbard took the lead at halfway point and got issues in the final lap as Cory Baker took the victory outside of turn 4 ending Hibbard’s dominance.

A total of 8 sleds took the track for the Single Cylinder as Donald Desourdy was the guy to beat and got a good race and won the event.

Eddie Anderson had a good start in the Sport Formula 500 and took the lead and kept it for the whole 5-lap race.

The Vintage saw Troy Dods took the lead in the 4-lap event, he never was challenged during the event that combined the 340 and 440 engines.

The Motocycle was the first one of the afternoon, Shawn Ford continued his great weekend winning the final but had to stop charges from David Tremblay on the final 2 laps of the event. Ford was perfect all weekend long.

The Cornwall Motor Speedway would like to thank all the sponsors and all the people who contributed to the success of this event. We will celebrate our dirt track champions of 2014 on March 21 and will have exciting news about the 2015 season in the coming weeks.

For more information on the upcoming season at Cornwall, please visit the website at www.cornwallspeedway.com you can add us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cornwallspeedway or on twitter at @cornwalspeedway, we will use these two Medias for results and contests over the summer.

Circuit Pro Tour Results (Unofficial):

Pro Champ: J.Lavallée, S.Marquis, C.Weatherdon, S.Blanchet, P.Tetrault

Semi-Pro Champ: S.Marquis, C.Weatherdon, S.Blanchet, D.Jennings, P.Tetrault

Sport Formula 500:  E.Anderson, D.Dingman, D.Burton, Y.Racine, C.Gregoire

Pro Formula 500: C.McMichael, R.Florent, A.MacDonnell, M.Savard, D.Lambert, S.Marquis

Semi-Pro Formula 500: C.McMichael, A.MacDonnel, T.Dods, R.Florent, J.Smith, M.Savard, E.Anderson, D.Lambert

Junior F340 13-16: D.Dingman, D.Lambert, A.Oberparleiter, G.Dingman, M.Oberparleiter

Junior F340 10-13: A.Oberparleiter, M.Oberparleiter

Combo: S.Blanchet, D.Jennings, P.Tetrault

Moto Open: S.Ford, D.Tremblay, G.Lavoie

Single Cylinder: D.Desourdy, C.Zadow, D.Zadow, J.Witt, D.Nisbett, S.Desourdy, S.Robinson, M.Stock

VTT 0-450: J.Moffet, J.Jans, C.Campagna, R.Verch, S.Holmes

VTT Open: J.Moffet, J.Jans, R.Verch, S.Holmes

Single Cylinder Master: D.Desourdy, D.Zadow, M.Reoch

Single Cylinder Modified: D.Zadow, D.Desourdy, S.Robinson, S.Desourdy, D.Nisbett, M.Stock, J.Witt, C.Zadow

Outlaw 600: C.Baker, I.Hodgson, T.Hibbard, J.Schultz, B.McDonald

Vintage 340-400: T.Dods, S.Robert, C.Blight, R.Greenfield