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Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Responds to President Trump’s Remarks

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

AKWESASNE — On Kentenhkó:wa/November 27, 2017; The White House convened a ceremony intended to recognize and honor Native American Code Talkers for their contributions in helping the United States and its allies to be victorious in World War II. During the ceremony however, which was held in the Oval Office, President Donald Trump used it as an opportunity to verbally abuse U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). In response, the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Council has issued the following statement:

Tribal Heating Assistance Applications Available Until December 23rd

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

AKWESASNE – The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe has authorized an allotment of funds to provide heating assistance to tribal members who complete the 2018 application process. The vendor/dealer’s approval list shall be approved for January 02, 2018 to eligible households residing within the Tribe’s designated service area for the southern portion of Akwesasne.   

Tarbell Management Group Donates $65,000 to Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

AKWESASNE, NY — The spirit of giving continues to be strong in the community of Akwesasne. From weekly fundraisers to corporate donations, there are plenty of examples of the generosity and support that community members have for one another. The Tarbell Management Group (TMG) is one example of a business that is helping lead the way through corporate donations that support community causes and organizations.

Tribe Objects to Trump Revoking Two National Monuments

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

Tsiothórhra/December 7, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump
The White House Office of the President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
N.W. Washington, DC 20500

Re: Objection to Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Re-Designations

Tekwanonhwerá:tons/Greetings President Trump,


Draft Good Standing Policy Meeting #2

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

On December 14, 2017 at 5 pm there will be meeting #2 in the Community Building lobby.

The second public meeting follows an initial public meeting held on Kentenhkó:wa/November 14th, in which the draft policy was presented following three community brainstorming sessions held in 2016. The purpose of the second meeting is to continue consulting with membership for input and comments on the draft policy prior to its adoption through tribal council resolution.

Egyptian mummy secrets revealed at Crouse Hospital

SYRACUSE, NY -- Cazenovia library resident mummy, Hen, was brought into Crouse Hospital in Syracuse tonight for a CT scan. Doctors are hoping to find out more information about him.

Hen was brought to the Cazenovia library in 1894 by library benefactor Robert Hubbard. Hubbard purchased the mummy and other artifacts while touring Egypt with the intention of setting up a museum at the library.     

CT scans or computer tomography combines a series of x-ray images taken at multiple angles to create cross sectional composite images.

Bitcoin futures rise as virtual currency hits major exchange

CHICAGO (AP) -- The first-ever bitcoin future jumped after it began trading Sunday as the increasingly popular virtual currency made its debut on a major U.S. exchange.

The futures contract that expires in January surged more than $3,000 to $18,580 eight hours after trading launched on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. The contract opened at $15,000, according to data from the CBOE.


Military funding a study of falcons to build drone killer


Throughout history, humans have employed falcons as lethal hunters of other animals. Now those raptors are being sent after drones.

It turns out that many of the skills feathered predators use to find a tasty lunch can be applied to the developing field of drone defense. A U.S. Air Force-funded study by zoology researchers at Oxford University suggests that the means by which a peregrine falcon tracks its quarry could be effective in defending against drones that threaten troops, police or airports.