News Director Reen Cook brings you the latest local and regional news report live from the CKON News Center.

CKON Music Change

Akwesasne ~ The response has been positive for the music change-up that CKON has recently implemented.  Monday thru Friday during the workday CKON listeners have noticed that it’s not only country music coming over the airwaves and they have let CKON know they are pleased with the addition of other music during the weekday programming. There is now a variety of music genre being played along with new and old country from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday.  The music change-up is in response to listener’s telling CKON that while they like country music they also enjoy hearing other music genre too.  Some listener’s like rock or classic rock, or oldies, therefore, CKON is making changes to provide listeners with music they enjoy listening to throughout their daily routines.

CKON Radio 50/50 Bingo Game to be Renamed in New Year

Akwesasne – CKON has received calls from radio bingo players asking for clarification on the distribution of 50/50 radio bingo funds.  CKON is happy to explain how the 50/50 funds are distributed.

    The 50/50 cards are sold for $2.00 per half-sheet.  The funds generated from the sales of the 50/50 cards are used to first pay the winner of the 50/50 bingo game one-half of what is generated.  The remaining half is paid out to the 50/50 recipient for the week. The payout to the 50/50 recipient is $750.  Funds remaining after the bingo winner and the recipient is paid goes into the community fund and is used towards requests for donations.  These donations include but are not limited to:

·       The Akwesasne Pow Wow   

CKON Radio Bingo Card Price Increase

Akwesasne ~ As reflected in the 2017-2018 annual audit, CKON is currently operating under a large financial deficit.  With significant drops in bingo card sales revenue and advertising revenue, CKON finds it necessary to take steps to increase revenues in order to maintain operations. To help generate interest and potentially increase the number of radio bingo players, CKON added the special double payout bingo.  However, the increase in players for this monthly special bingo was minimal.   After a thorough review of potential sources of revenue, the CKON Radio Bingo Committee has approved an increase in the cost of the regular CKON radio bingo package from $12 to $14 effective November 1, 2018.  There has not been an increase in bingo card costs in several years.  Although this will not generate enough revenue to pull CKON out of the deficit it will help to reduce it.  With the rising costs of purchasing bingo products and the costs of paying bingo winners it is financial business sense to increase card prices.  CKON hopes that this slight increase in cards will not affect our loyal bingo players and they will continue to play CKON radio bingo every week.  If you have any questions, you may contact Diane McDonald at 518-358-3426 or 613-575-2101.

Heredity or hoax?

Jorge Barrera and Tiffany Foxcroft

When Louis Côté became suspicious of a Toronto-based laboratory that tests people's DNA to determine their ancestry, he decided to try an experiment by submitting a sample from his girlfriend's dog for analysis.

According to the results, Côté shares more than a friendship with Snoopy the chihuahua; they share the exact same Indigenous ancestry.

"I thought it was a joke," Côté said. "The company is fooling people … the tests are no good."

Cannabis entrepreneurs set sights on non-smokers

Diane Buckner · CBC News

Canadian entrepreneurs are busy developing a wide range of new ways to use recreational cannabis in a socially acceptable way — without having to roll or smoke a joint.

Cocktails, beer, coffee and tea — along with specially designed vape devices — are in the works. None will create the notorious stench or clouds of smoke associated with marijuana and they will offer non-smokers more choices, beyond the edible cannabis products already on the market.

Navajo Nation Withstands Motion to Dismiss in Colorado River Breach of Trust Litigation

Native News Online Staff

WINDOW ROCK – Last week, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit granted the Navajo Nation’s request to overturn a decision of the Arizona District Court holding that the Nation’s claim that the United States had breached its fiduciary duty to the Navajo Nation in decisions regarding the management of the Colorado River was barred by sovereign immunity.  Attorney General Ethel Branch explained the significance of the ruling: “The decision in Navajo Nation v. Department of Interior, 9th Circuit No. 14-16864, is particularly important for tribes within the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit because it clarifies that Congress has waived the immunity of the United States for all suits for injunctive and declaratory relief that do not seek money damages.”

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Donates $10,000 to Akwesasne Holiday Helpers

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

On Tsiothóhrha/December 8, 2017 the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Community Partnership Fund donated $10,000 to the Akwesasne Holiday Helpers for this year’s community fundraising event. They are hoping to surpass last year’s efforts that provided a happy holiday season for 1,628 Akwesasne families with a food basket and toys for children. The annual fundraiser took place at the Hogansburg-Akwesasne Volunteer Fire Department’s Station #1. Members of the Holiday Helpers participated in the check presentation, along with (from left) Chief Michael Conners, Sub-Chief Agnes Jacobs, Everett Lazore, Matt Rourke (kneeling), Caroline Peters, Sub-Chief Cheryl Jacobs and Chief Eric Thompson.