Akwesasne Epilepsy Support Group Success

On March 22, 2014 members of the Akwesasne Epilepsy Support Group attended the 8th Annual National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington, D.C.! The group consisted of Carson Oakes, Carrie Jacobs, Dustin Oakes, Wallace Jacobs Jr., and Montana Jacobs. Through fundraising efforts & the help of the community the group were able to make a team members dream a reality. Proudly they carried their team banner and the iroquois confederacy flag across the finish line of the 5k walk as they were greeted by loud cheers and the announcement of the groups name!  It was a proud day for the group as they represented Akwesasne in Washington, D.C and hope to do so next year as well!

This year the Epilepsy Foundation welcomed nearly 5,000 thousand individuals and families affected by epilepsy and seizures to the 8th annual National Walk for Epilepsy. The event began on the Washington Monument grounds with a welcome from Rick Harrison, lead from the TV series "Pawn Stars," and Coach Jerry Kill of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. Both men have been affected by epilepsy.

More than two million people in the United States are living with epilepsy and seizures. One in 26 Americans will develop epilepsy during their lifetime. Epilepsy -- a medical condition characterized by recurring seizures -- can affect anyone, of any age, at any time. The number and severity of seizures varies across a wide spectrum. In more than one-third of people living with epilepsy, their seizures resist all forms of treatment and can be extremely severe and debilitating.

Since its inception in 2007, the National Walk for Epilepsy has raised almost $8 million to advance access to care, fund research and new therapies, and educate people about seizures and epilepsy. 

"Living with epilepsy is a daily challenge for individuals and families throughout the country. Many people feel isolated and alone in their quest to find treatments that work," said Philip M. Gattone, president and CEO of the Epilepsy Foundation and the father of a child with epilepsy. "But, for at least one day every year, the epilepsy community comes together to remember we are not alone in our journey. For this one day, epilepsy is not as big a burden. We are very thankful that supporters like Rick Harrison and Jerry Kill are lending their voices to our cause. Together, we can make the kind of difference people with epilepsy deserve."

The Akwesasne Epilepsy Support group would like to thank everyone who helped them get to this years National Walk for Epilepsy whether by helping, donating or coming to one of our fundraisers, coming to our meetings and by your constant support and belief in us.  To be able to represent our community & other communities in such a positive way we are hoping to bring more awareness about epilepsy and to let our people know they are not alone! For more information contact Carrie 358-2341 and you can find our group on Facebook!